These simple, inexpensive DIY projects will make perfect, last-minute gifts for Mom.

Glass Jar Terrariums

Terrariums are not only a wonderfully green gift to give to Mom, but they’re also fun to make. Starting with a clean glass container, add a light layer of rocks or pebbles to the bottom of the planter for drainage. Next, add crushed charcoal for a fresh-scent mixture, followed by a healthy fill of soil. Add succulents, and you’ve created a terrarium. Get even more creative with decorative trinkets and a top layer of colorful pebbles or moss.

DIY Speakers

Why have the kids spend their allowance on fancy iPod speakers when they can make their own handcrafted creations, plus learn a bit about science in the process? This simple DIY project requires four paper cups, two tooth picks, an mp3 player, and earbuds. Feel free to add a touch of color with crayons or paint pens.

Vintage Style Candleholders

To create paper-covered votives start with either frosted glass votives or use a frosted glass spray on the outside of inexpensive clear votives. To create the paper cutouts, kids can use a decorative paper punch, or with the help of an adult, a utility knife can be used to cut out designs traced from a stencil.

DIY Stamps

Handmade Mother’s Day cards will mean more to Mom than presenting her with a generic gift card. To accompany the sentimental words and unique drawings that will surely go into this DIY project, we recommend using decorative stamps for added personalization.


Here’s a DIY gift that’s sure to please all bibliophile moms. While the saying may suggest not to “judge a book by its cover,” it’s always nice to pick up a book that’s loved both for its outer appearance as well as its inner pages. Re-covering an old book is as simple as using some decorative fabric and spray adhesive.

Handpainted dishware

They are a heartfelt way to tell Mom she’s loved. Food-safe ceramic pens can be used to create all sorts of interesting designs. For the more talented artists in the family, food-safe ceramic paints work wonders.

Coffee Cup Cozies

A generic zigzag stitch—done with a sewing machine or by hand—added strategically to colorful felt fabric makes pretty coffee cupS that are perfect for Mom.

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