Wooden pallets are a wonderful resource for every DIY lover. There are thousand of methods of recycling or up-cycling them into creative furniture designs suitable for every taste and need. We consider these ideas highly appealing and worth taking into consideration. Wood is one of the most noble materials you could use in an interior design scheme. We have gathered a collection of 28 incredible methods of recycling old pallets into creative furniture designs we thought you would love.  Enjoy!

1. Wine bottles storage

2. Bike wagon

3. Cozy white coat hanger

4. Garden sitting place

5. Herb signs for your garden

6. The perfect storage unit

7. Raw wooden door to your minimal kitchen

8. Wooden pallet furniture set

9. Swing all your worries away

10. Vertical garden out of an old pallet

11. A modern elegant kitchen design from stacked pallets

12. Separating your garden with a wooden fence

13. Add storage space to your hallways

14. The simplest working space ever

15. Add pallet sofas to your small coffee place

16. Garage storage room

17. Vertical storage – using the most of a wooden pallet

18. White cute wooden pallet gild bed

19. Dressing up your walls in wood

20. All the storage you need for a dinner in two essentials

21. Store wine and wine glasses in the same place

22. Add bright tones to your patio pallet furniture

23. Colorful coffee table design

24. Storing up books

25. Wooden counters hung from your garden fence

26. The most Beautiful and simple coffee table

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