Sunday marks the celebration of Mothers Day in many parts of the world! Needless to say, mums sure deserve gifts and adoration any day of the year, but now’s really the chance to feel inspired and express your love.

A Cheap and Chic Pouch

Stitch together a handful of zippers to form one seriously cool case.

Glass Vase Centerpiece

Place recycled glass soda bottles in a pine or whitewood frame and fill with fresh Mother’s Day flowers for a breathtaking centerpiece she’ll love.

Mason Jar Sewing Kits

There are quite a few Mason jar crafts out there that would make fantastic Mother’s Day gifts, but this delightful sewing kit project featuring a genius pin cushion lid.

Family Tree Serving Tray

Mod Podge a copy of your family tree onto a serving tray for a gift that mom will cherish.

Retro Apron

This beautiful handmade apron is sure to make any cooking experience more cheerful—plus how could she not love this cute floral print?

Bow Totes

Even a novice seamstress can craft these adorable duck-cloth totes that only take an hour to make.

Fold-Over Clutch

This fold-over clutch made with soft lambskin leather can be used as an evening purse, or as a small travel pouch to hold jewelry.

Recipe Holder

Attach a patterned clothespin to an elevated wooden frame to make a recipe holder that’ll keep mom’s favorite recipe cards out of the splatter zone.

Initial Frame

Embellish Mod Podged pages from mom’s favorite book with a hand-painted monogram and frame for a gorgeous and inexpensive gift.

Blooming Monogram

Hot-glue faux flowers inside a hollow papier-mâché letter for a personalized gift that’ll keep blooming year round.

Sentimental Photo Holder

Show mom what she means to you by clipping some of your favorite snapshots to a stained pine board and pinning on a handwritten note or a heart-warming printable.

Watering Can Vase

Transform a watering can into a rustic vase by adding a coat of spray paint in your mom’s favorite color and adorning it with a personalized message in vinyl letters.

“52 Things I Love About You” Deck of Cards

For a truly heartfelt gift, brainstorm 52 reasons you love your mom (here’s a list to get you started) and glue one reason to each card in a full deck.

Bent-Spoon Recipe Box

Turn a $5 box into a fabulous recipe organizer. A flea-market spoon is the secret ingredient to punching up an unfinished box

Stenciled Animal Mugs

Look no further than the nearest pasture for inspiration to dress up plain dishware.

Dress Up a Plain Hat with Raffia Flowers

Boost even the most basic topper with a row of raffia flowers.

Heart-Shaped Sachets

Freshen up drawers with heart-shaped sachets. Cut two heart shapes out of your favorite fabric, place printed sides facing each other, and sew edges, leaving space to add filling. Then fill with potpourri, stitch up, and enjoy!

Peony Wreath

Who can resist a winsome wreath made with pink peonies?

Rosette Pin

Cut a bandanna into eight equal-sized squares. Stack squares, turning each one at a slight angle, to create “petals.” Pinch center and twist; secure with a few stitches. Insert a safety pin at the flower’s base to pin to clothes.

Ribbon Shoes

Bright taffeta ribbon and a hot-glue gun are all you need to give a pair of shoes a quick and easy update.

Knotted Belt

Cut 4-inch-wide strips from a bandanna (you’ll need three or more, depending on your waist size). Fold strips in thirds lengthwise, then knot the strips together at ends. For texture, add extra knots and make a rag bloom by tying fabric remnants together with ribbon.

via countryliving