Few things can complement a garden naturally,in a non-invasive manner as greenery, it`s to wild to accept man made decor easily. It goes without a saying that natural materials go better with greenery but what works really great is wood and river stones, pebbles. Here you will find no less than 21 creative pebbles art that will simply make your decor lovely. They`re not easy to use but they`re simply magnificent and beautiful. Gather your friends and get crafting with what is about to become one of the most rewardful diy decor you have ever materialized.

1.Simple Round stone door defying Gravity

2.Small steps on wooden texture

3.Breathtaking pebble spiral garden decoration

4.Superb rain chain realized out of pebbles and wire

5.Colorful glass pebble fountain decoration

6.Garden decoration realized with paint

7.Fascinating river of pebbles

8.Small rock arena with pebble crowd

9.Beautiful edges with pebbles

10.Mesmerizing installations with pebbles

11.Fountain pots armored by pebbles

12.Pebbles paths do look torn from fairy tales

13.Superb pebble hedgehogs

14.Highly creative water fountain decorated with pebbles

15. Pebble Ladybirds animating a natural texture

16.Wall art realized with pebbles

17.Pebble pathway can solve water drainage whilst looking stunning

18.Creative pebbles decor ideas

19.Black garden sphere made of pebbles

20.Engraved stones with the family tree

21.Sculptural frogs realized out of pebbles

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