Are you in the mood for wall decoration? There are really interesting wall paintings which will refresh your room. You have many options of paint wall. You can use many colors and you can paint whatever you want. If you don’t have an idea how to change your room wall decor, don’t worry!! Look below the gallery of 20 paint wall decoration ideas, choose your favorite and let’s refresh your room!!

Paint Chip Wall Art

DIY – paint swatch decorating

Painted Wood Wall Art

Easy Painted Wall Art

Easy Painted Wall Art

Paint Project

Natural wavy stripes

Carry the stripes to the ceiling

Half Walls Painted

Stencil Painting On The Wall

Add some wow-factor to your walls with the latest in paint effects

Rainbow Colors Decoration

Use variations of both size and color of your designs to reinforce your design theme

Interesting Girl Room Wall Decor

Personal and graphic walls

Painted Mural

Faux doorway molding

Sweet Wall Decor

Geometric Wall Art

Painted Wall Decor

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