Some “life hacks” are just plain silly, but a few really do make sense. Here are 16 ways to make your life just a little bit easier. These hacks actually make a lot of sense, too. You’ll wonder why you didn’t think of any of these sooner and on your own!

1. Office Clip + Charger

Don’t you hate when the cord is always lying on the ground? No more. Use an office clip to keep it in place.

2. Use Marshmallows For Soft Brown Sugar

You go to grab your brown sugar and what do you feel? It’s hard. Ugh. Why you? Why me? Never want this to happen again? Use marshmallows!

3. Crack & Roll For Easily Peeled Boiled Eggs

You’ve boiled eggs and now you’re faced with the problem so many people face: peeling them. Here’s a tip: allow the eggs to cool, then crack the eggs by rolling them. Problem solved.

4. Pop Tab To Hang Art

You’re about to hang your new picture or piece of art and you realize something: you have nothing to hang it with. You’re faced with a problem: go to the hardware store or tap into your inner MacGyver. If you choose the latter, grab a can of pop and use the tab for an easy way to hang your picture or art.

5. Acrylic-Latex Caulk For Slip-Proofing

Your rug or carpet will slip no more with this simple handy trick.

6. No Brown Apples For Lunch

Who would have thought an elastic band would prevent the oxidization of apples?

7. Vinegar For Ice-Proof Windows

Ever wake up in the morning and relish the idea of scraping frost off your windows for a good 5-10 minutes? No? Well, luckily the problem is easily solved with 3:1 ratio of vinegar to water in a spritz bottle. Spray your windows the night before and no ice! Only problem? Your windows will smell like vinegar.

8. Re-grow Green Onions

“Why re-grow something that’s under $1?” I hear you asking. Ever run out of green onions when you want them? No more. Now you have green onions just a few feet away.

9. Hang Your Jeans On Shower Hooks

Hanging them like this will help prevent creasing and make them much more accessible to you. Hooks can be easily installed on your existing closet rod or you can make a new one like this:

10. Cell Phone Charging Station

Sometimes it can be rather annoying to find a convenient outlet to charge your phone, as the cord is only so long and you don’t want the phone sitting on the floor to be stepped on.

11. Bathroom Magnet Rack

Tired of your bathroom countertop looking like the aftermath of a metallic war zone? Or maybe you just don’t want to have to run out and replace another pair of tweezers that you just bought, but can’t find. This will help.

12. Use A Dustpan To Fill A Bucket Of Water

If you’ve ever tried to fill a bucket of water where you actually needed more than the last few sloshes that don’t spill out when you try to remove the bucket from the sink…this is a game changer.

13. Vertically Stack Your Clothing In Drawers

Not only will this make your clothes easier to locate, but any clothing that you notice yourself not wearing over time is basically screaming to be donated to those in need.

14. Use Dental Floss To Cut Food

Dental floss has so many more uses than just cleaning your teeth. You can use the floss to cut cakes, cheeses, and other soft foods or food that is sliced thinly.

15. Knots Not Your Thing? Try This:

I wish someone would have told me this about 20 years ago. In an age where everything has a cord and my headphones turn into a stringy Rubik’s cube every time I pocket them — this will be handy.

16. Use This Handy Email Trick

This trick will work especially well to filter out unsolicited emails from newsletters and businesses.

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