Window treatments can be expensive, especially when you have a lot of windows to cover. If you’re desperate for some privacy and desperate to keep some spending money in your decor budget, it’s time to turn to IKEA. Yes, those plain white sheer curtains and roller blinds are less than inspiring, but with a few craft supplies and minimal sewing, you can turn those drab drapes into fabulous focal points.

1. Tassel Fringe: Just the simplest addition of a tassel fringe makes all the difference when it comes to dressing up sheer white IKEA curtains.

2. Colorful Rods: Curtains aren’t the only place you can add color. Paint the rods a bold, bright color for a fun, unexpected pop.

3. Metallic Twist: Find some gold heat transfer vinyl and just start ironing. We love seeing the metallic trend popping up everywhere, including curtains.

4. Horizontal Striped Curtains: Make a huge statement in any room — from the nursery to the living room — with bold striped curtains.

5. Casual Drapery Panels: Dress up a pair of white IKEA curtains with a fun, graphic grid pattern made out of iron-on tape ribbon.

6. Embellished Curtains: Why settle for plain stripes when you can add pom pom stripes? Also, this DIY requires zero sewing — all you need is a steady hand and a glue gun.

7. Ribbon Curtains: Depending on how well stocked your craft room is, the only thing this IKEA hack will cost you is some time.

8. Confetti Drapes: Why sew curtains when you can paint them? These colorful polka dots are a fun way to bring more color into the room.

9. Painted Shades: Lay out some lines with tape and then have fun painting your IKEA roller shades. Instead of searching endlessly for the perfect shades, painting your own allows you to get the perfect color combination.

10. Sleek Stripes: How is it that the simplest addition like thin stripes can make white IKEA curtains look so much more expensive?

11. Gold Trim: Go ahead and try to guess what that gold trim is? Did you guess duct tape?? Nope, we never would’ve thought to put duct tape on our curtains either, but we have to admit it looks pretty awesome.

12. Reading Nook: You don’t have to just keep curtains on the windows. The cheap, sheer IKEA curtains are perfect for creating a private little reading nook or adding privacy to a studio apartment.

13. Color Block Panels: If you have taller windows, don’t despair. Instead of trying to DIY the entire curtain, just add a bit of color blocking to the bottom of the panel to instantly add more length.

14. Curtained Daybed: Dress up an IKEA daybed with a little canopy and curtains that can be drawn for a bit of stylish privacy.

15. Bold and Black: A bold black outline creates quite the focal point in any room. If you can tape a straight line, you can definitely make these easy peasy curtains.

 via brit