If you have kids you know what does toy mess mean. Every step of your house or apartment could be a quest to find a place on your floor without any toys. In order to minimize this mess you can try to build a perfect toy storage units. We’ve gathered for you a bunch of cool DIY projects that will show you how to do that. For example you can make some toy storage from such things as bins, baskets, trashcans, crates, sacks and even tires. Of course all these solutions won’t help you if you and your kids are lazy.

Wall-Mount Garden Baskets 

Stacked Tires

Buckets And Zip Tiles

DIY Transparent Storage Boxes

DIY Vintage Carts

DIY Toy Chest That Doubles As A Toy

DIY Coffee Table With Hidden Toy Storage

DIY Drawstring Sacks

Toys In A Shoe Organizer

Stuffed Animal Storage IKEA PAX Wardrobe Hack 

Cool DIY Cars Storage On A Magnet Knife Holder

DIY Toy Sack

DIY Toy Storage From A Dollhouse

Trashcans For DIY Toy Storage

DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Toy Storage

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