Kitty owners, this is for you! Every cat needs not only a bed and some toys but also a scratcher to keep your furniture safe. The cheapest and easiest material for such a craft is cardboard, so find some old boxes and shape them into a cool scratcher. Sisal rope is another perfect material for making a scratcher, pick a board or a wooden stick and wrap it with rope. One more idea is using carpet for a scratcher – it will make it cozy and soft, you can use old or new cheap carpet piece and cover a piece of wood or cardboard with it. Find various DIY scratchers below and get crafty!

Comfy cardboard scratcher   

Natural wood scratcher

Color blocked rope scratcher

Carpet scratcher

Upcycled cardboard scratcher

Rope scratcher

Cardboard scratch pad

Rope and carpet scratcher

Simple cardboard scratcher

Colorful rope scratcher

Colorful rope scratcher

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