Within the categories of garden, you can come across wonderful types. Raised garden beds are gaining popularity and more and more people want to have these kinds of gardens. This concept focuses on having a garden in suspended beds of soil. You do not have to spoil the garden for planting your desired veggies or fruits. You don’t have to buy these from the market directly. Diy raised garden bed designs can help you a lot in this respect.

1) Brick-lined bed

This kind of raised bed works best under all the tropical conditions. You can give these beds, independent look – use geo-textile fabric-lined steel wire for protecting the plants and soil. The mesh wire used in these beds gets fade over time. You can show your creativity to make them look lively again.

2) Pressure treated wooden bed

This is a wonderful wooden raised garden bed plan; within a box shaped bed, you can raise all the desired plants you want. These beds can be used for growing edibles so redwood can be used best to avoid toxins.

3) Simplest Lumber garden bed

Look for a lighter color, straight and smooth lumber hat can be easily cut into smaller slabs. Fix them together so that you can attain a wooden bed, which is not very deep but has normal width and length. Fix it on the place where you want the bed to be placed – add the soil and let it get settled for at least 5 days. You can start planting the crops you want, or simply use it for putting in plants.

4) Untreated lumber bed

If you want cheap-raised garden beds, this option is certainly best for you. The process requires expertise in cutting wood, so make sure you take professional help for that.

5) Redwood simple raising bed

Interested in making raised garden beds that are effective for plating edibles? The process of making this kind of diy bed requires only one an hour, if you have all the right material. The 3-feet depth is perfectly all right for medium sized gardening bed. The only tough part is fixing the wood planks together, once done with that, you would be left with filling soils and planting.

6) Recycled raised garden bed

Go and check out what is present in your storeroom. Look for older wooden pieces, bamboos and plastic sheets. You need to form a typical 8×8 foundation – you can have plants placed there. For the upper structure and greenhouse effect, make a dome type structure and install the plastic sheets within it. Your plants would remain protected from intruders.

7) Lumber raised garden bed

Lumber is considered as the best and the cheapest vegetables garden bed that is used widely in the world. You can join the wooden planks together and place in the position where you want the beds to be. Fill the wooden structure with fertile soil and place the desired vegetables. Do not forget to decor the garden bed area with flowers and other necessary accessories so that it looks appealing.

8) Planks and PVC pipe raised garden

This is another effective diy raised garden bed idea that can help you attain the desired goal. The basic structure remains the same – you have to join the wooden structure. However, for adding the hoop, you need to work with PVC pipes. Once done with the attaching the pipes, you can simply put in the soil and let the bed settle for a few days. You can plant the desired vegetables and fruits easily.

9) Sleek wooden garden bed

This type of raised garden beds is perfect for those gardens that lack proper space. They are lesser in width, but seem to cover a good wall space. However, you can increase the length up to whatever you feel like. They look gorgeous and look more appealing. You can make smaller wooden boxes within larger bed, fill it with soil, and add whatever plants you want.

10) Sack garden

Surprisingly, you can plant different types of plant varieties in sacks – this is also a wonderful experience. You can place these sacks within the wooden block; surround it with flowers or stones to make it look more appealing.

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