This is a cheap and quick idea to decorate a corner of your living room for the Easter Holidays. If you love basket full of eggs, enjoy making yours!


Easter Grass
Plastic Eggs, find them at the dollar store for just $1
3 different ribbons for $1.49 a piece

Most of you maybe already have all these items lying around your house, so it’s a cheap/free project!

The eggs are super easy to do. All you need is some hot glue. Start in the middle of the egg and wrap slowly and tight. Wrap it up one side of the egg, then cut the end of the twine and start in the middle again. Wrapping it tight and slowly around the other end.

You can glue some cute ribbon around the eggs or just leave them plain as well. They are cute either way. Place your Easter grass in the basket and lay the eggs on top.

Now you have a super cute, easy and cheap Easter Decor! Enjoy!!

Tip: These would make a super cute center piece for the Easter Dinner table this year. You could get smaller baskets or just use a little Easter grass and the eggs.

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