Selected flower- and bird-themed artwork can transform a variety of eggs — from naturally deep-green emu eggs to tinted and undyed ostrich eggs to painted wooden orbs — into instant collectibles. These illustrations are cut from decorative papers and clip-art printouts, but color photocopies of other vintage imagery can serve equally well. The finished eggs sit atop silver-leafed wooden candlesticks.

Step 1
Paint wooden goose eggs and blown-out emu and ostrich eggs with acrylic craft paint as desired. Let dry. cut out botanical images from decorative paper using small scissors. Carefully trim any inner portions from images using a craft knife on a cutting mat.

Step 2
Coat back of 1 cutout and decoupage using a small brush. Apply cutout to egg; smooth using tip of brush handle. Let dry. Repeat, adding designs as desired.

Step 3
Decoupage with a medium brush to entire egg. Let dry.

via marthastewart