Whether you’re celebrating Easter with family, friends, alone or not at all, it’s nice to decorate your house for the season. Your windows are open, the air is fresh and it’s nice to give your home a little spring facelift. There are tons of projects you can do that require just a little time and minimal materials to achieve beautiful results.

1. Scrap Fabric Eggs

Create cute little eggs out of scrap fabrics. Setting them inside a recycled egg carton makes them even more Easter appropriate. You could even use these for egg hunts.

2. Spring Candy Garland

A major component of Easter is all of the candy! What better way translate your sweets from your basket to decorating than with this cute spring garland. There are so many color combination and options you can do with this garland, and it’ll be hanging from your wall in no time!

3. Yarn Eggs

A great how-to on creating some beautiful hanging yarn eggs. These would look so nice hanging over your Easter table or you can try making miniature versions to lay on the table.

4. Paint Chip Garland

As crafters and DIY’ers, we probably have a good amount of paint chips around the house that we would love to use in a project. This garland would be a quick and gorgeous addition to your spring home. It is so cheery and will brighten up any room in your house.

5. Button Egg Framed Art

This is a great way to use your stash of buttons! You could also easily translate into a nice Easter card that the recipient would love to frame for their home.

via feelgoodstyle