Every pet owner has come across the problem of hygiene sooner or later. Their homes are witness to the effort of keeping a clean environment whilst not restraining the freedom of movement to the little companions. But you love your pet so much you can’t stay mad of their wrong-doings around the home. So you yell for a bit and then it’s on to the cleaning part. For this we come to your rescue or at least, to your assistance. Here is a nifty little DIY tutorial or tip to help you get rid of pet stains on your carpet.

The steps are the important part. Pour enough vinegar to soak the stain and THEN add a small amount of baking soda. If you do the reverse, you will have a noisy, bubbly mess. Do it the right way, and you can hear the recipe cackling away, telling you how it is cleaning and deodorizing without leaving any residue. You need to let the spot dry for a day or two before sweeping up and then vacuuming. Cover the spot with a bowl or plate so that you don’t have baking soda kicked from heck to breakfast. You can actually see the yellow color being absorbed up into your little mountain of baking soda. Works on old stains too!

No more messy spots on your nice carpet. Just try and see for yourself. Now go on, stop worrying and cuddle with your beloved pet!

So dog owners, cat owners and grandparents of dog & cat owners REJOICE! Now you know a simple and EFFECTIVE way to clean those pet potty spots!

via  onegoodthingbyjillee , goodshomedesign