If you love the nineties then create a pair of shoes inspired by all the beautiful parts of that decade! If you’ve never transferred magazine images to canvas fabric, it’s easy! Here’s how…

1. Supplies needed: classic canvas shoes, vintage magazine, scissors, water, liquitex and paintbrush.

2. Cut out designs from the vintage magazine. Keep in mind that the images will be flipped when you transfer them, so avoid letters and words.

3. Apply a thick coat of liquitex to the image side of the magazine cut outs.

4. Paste the images face down (adhering them to the shoe) in your desired design. Allow to dry.

5. Once dry use a spray bottle filled with water to lightly coat the images.

6. Use your finger to gently rub the paper off, revealing the image underneath. Keep in mind that this process is a bit mess, some of the image may rub off slightly as you remove the paper.

7. Use another light coat of liquitex to seal your design.

8. Finish your shoes by adding drawings with a fabric maker (optional).

So cute, right? Have fun making your own pair of summer slip on shoes…

via abeautifulmess

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