As much as we love our strappy sandals, cute closed-toe flats are a summer staple…especially if you’re spending your days in an office. So, to keep us all from falling into the same-old boring black shoe routine, we’ve whipped up this easy DIY that’ll leave you with the coolest pair of flats you’ve ever owned. We’ll be stepping out in these cool kicks everyday.

What You Need
-Simple ballet flats
-Cutting board or piece of plastic
-A large sheet of heavy paper
-Fabric glue
-Painter’s tape (we used Scotch)
-Utility blade
-Fine glitter in three colors

Start with a Small Piece of Tape
Tear off a small piece of painter’s tape, and gently place it on your surface (a cutting board or piece of plastic works best).

Cut a Triangle Shape
Carefully use the blade to cut a triangle shape in the center of the piece of tape.

Peel Off the Stencil
Peel up the tape from the edge, creating a triangle stencil.

Stick the Stencil on the Shoe
Place the tape stencil on the shoe and press firmly.

Create More Stencils
Repeat this process, making more triangle stencils and placing them all over each shoe.

Stagger the Stencils
Place them closer to each other in some areas and farther apart in others to create a random pattern.

Cover the Whole Shoe
Be sure to cover all sides of each shoe.

Start Gluing the Triangles
Press the tape down firmly and begin filling in about one third of the triangles with glue.

Continue Gluing
Make sure to apply the glue in a dabbing motion close to the edges of the stencil.

Add the Glitter
Place the shoe on your piece of heavy paper, and pour the first color of glitter over the glued areas.

Keep the Excess Glitter
Move the shoe to the side. Carefully lift and fold the paper to pour the excess glitter back into the container.

Continue Gluing
Apply glue to another third of the triangles in the same manner as before.

Add the Second Color of Glitter
Place the shoe on the paper, and pour the second color of glitter over the newly glued triangles. When finished, pour any excess glitter back into the container.

Add the Third Color of Glitter
Apply glue to the rest of triangles and cover with the third color of glitter, saving the excess.

Remove the Stencils
Slowly and carefully peel off the tape stencils, and set the shoe aside to dry. Repeat on the second shoe.

Time to Step Out!
Pair these geometric stunners with everything from cutoffs and a tee to your workaday wardrobe. Trust us, you won’t know what you ever did without them.

via teenvogue