If you are always looking for charging cables for your phone, iPad, and other devices, search no more! Corralling all of those unsightly cables in this DIY shoe box charging station which is practical, cheap and it looks stylish! It’s about as low tech as you can get for your high tech stuff.

If you do not find grommets big enough to fit the ends of the chargers through it, then use  metal rings and mount on the outside of the box to reinforce the hole. They work out well, but if you can get large grommets, we suggest using them.

You will need these supplies: 

  • shoebox
  • wrapping paper in your preferred pattern
  • paper glue
  • X-Acto knife
  • metal grommets
  • pencil or pen
  • optional: glue gun


Place the shoebox on top of the wrapping paper and cut off enough of the wrapping paper so that you have enough extra on all sides to cover the outside, plus another inch or so on the inside

There are several ways to cover the shoebox. One would be to fold the paper as if you are wrapping the box like a gift. Cut out four sections on all corners of the box to create a kind of “cross” look (see picture), making sure you leave an inch of extra wrapping paper. That eliminates the excess paper in the corners.

Cut a small slit toward the corners of the box and then fold the excess paper to the inside on the narrower sections.

Apply glue to the first longer side of the shoe box and wrap the paper around it and around the corner to the narrower side. Repeat on the other side.

Then cover the narrower side of the box with glue and push the narrower wrapping paper up to cover the wrapping paper that came around the corner, and then do the other side.

Cut off excess wrapping paper, but leave an inch of it so you can glue it over the edge to the inside of the box for a nicer finish.

Put the shoebox on its side and apply glue to all four sides of the inch of paper sticking past the top of the box. Then push the paper down against the inside of the box.

Now wrap the top of the box in wrapping paper in any way you prefer.

Take the grommets or metal rings and trace the inside with a pencil or pen where you want to place the holes.

Cut out the holes with an X-Acto knife.

Attach the grommets. Use glue to secure the metal rings to the outside of the box. You could also use a glue gun.

Then, put an extension cord with several outlets into the box and push the end of the cord through one of the holes.

Now you are ready to find a spot for your charging station and to collect all of your chargers to place them into the box.

One safety note: Only plug in the chargers for the time of the charge, don’t connect too many chargers at one time, and disconnect the extension cord from the outlet when not in use to avoid overheating the box.

via everydayfamily