Making your own grill seems like a lot of work. Not necessarily! This is an easy project that requires only minimum materials and hours of build. Its reduced size, about 34 inches high and 20 inches deep, makes it perfect for a DIY project at home. Don’t be fooled though, its effectiveness is at 100% and will surely fulfill any requests for a tasty barbecue. Follow the instructions provided, step by step, and only a few bricks and cement later you will have your own DIY Open Grill. This homemade solution will save a lot of time and effort in your future outdoor events, not to mention you will become the host you always wished!

Begin by pouring a small concrete slab to provide a level support and then dry-stacked concrete blocks. Insert some rebar into the wet slab where the voids in the corners of the concrete blocks would go. Dry stack blocks and fill voids with concrete. Then make a form around the top and fill with concrete with rebar pieces inserted horizontally. This concrete protrusion will encompass the firebrick that will line the pit.

Here’s the forms removed…

The open area in the back will serve two purposes. It will store an ash drawer and will have a louvered door in it to provide under-fire air. The angle-iron and rod structure in the next two photos support the bottom bricks. This frame will stabilize the bricks and provide a means for attaching accessory items for what ever grills, stands, spacers. The entire structure will get covered with stucco like the oven. The bricks will be spaced 1/4″ apart so air may “peculate”-up through and into the coal bed.

Add fire brick and make an angle iron frame to cap and captivate the brick. This is the view from where one would stand to fuss-over the food being grilled:

Here’s a shot of the back side. Apply some of the stucco to the bottom inside of that opening and create a ramp, from the front to the back for drainage. You can build an ash-removal drawer that will slide in there, and a door (perhaps integrated into the ash pan) that will close off this area, but allow air inside through either louvers or an adjustable (controllable) opening.

via fornobravo , goodshomedesign