An easy way to jazz up your wall is finding a nice frame for some nice art. Not only can it be challenging to get your hands on something you love, it can also be insanely expensive, and you have the perfect solution for you – do some leaf art!

Palm leaf

Step 1
The technique is called plain weave. Begin by folding the blade in a 45-degree angle.

Step 2
Alternate going over-under for each palm frond. Repeat with the next frond, over-under pattern that’s the opposite of your first line.

Step 3
Repeat steps 1-2 to continuing to braid the palm fronds until you’ve reach the end of the frond. Same procedure goes for the opposite side.

Create something special with a few supplies and this one, it’s oh SO simple!

The idea is very versatile and your only limit is your imaginations. Why not try doing some petal/ leaf patchwork?  This simple piece of plant art will enhance any room.

Would you consider to gift a piece of homemade leaf art to your loved ones?

via monsterscircus