iPad covers from a store can be expensive. So why not try to DIY them by using old items like old composition notebooks?

Here is how to make an easy, inexpensive iPad cover:

Steps 1 & 2:  Take a razor blade and cut out the pages…..this composition book was on its last leg so they basically fell out.
Steps 3 & 4: Remove the plastic insert from the box that the iPad came in and mark the height of the notebook for reference on the side.

Step 5: Continue height measurement all the way around the insert.
Steps 6 & 7: Using a razor blade carefully cut out the top of the plastic insert.
Step 8: Cut off one side of the remaining plastic.

Step 9: Cut out the 2 corners on the plastic.
Step 10: Score the outside of the three edges using the height measurement that was marked (make sure not to cut all the way through).
Step 11: Carefully turn the edges under at the scored line and trim the pieces so they wouldn’t overlap.
Step 12: Place the plastic piece on the edge of the notebook and to make it fit perfectly you have to carefully rework one of the edges to the curve was a little bigger. (Note: the plastic is the exact size of the iPad so you have to make it about 5mm bigger this way so that it sits around the iPad edge).

Steps 13, 14, 15 & 16: Take 2 black elastic hair bands and sew each onto one corner at two points using needle and thread. Make sure to sew through the elastic to keep the band in place and you’ll have to stretch the band enough so it is pretty taught over the edge as shown in step 16.

Step 17: Cut off the excess hair band once it is attached securely.
Steps 18 & 19: Using a black elastic headband sew one end near the inside of the spine and the other end opposite to it (you’ll have to stretch it tightly so it will keep the iPad in place when you insert it).
Step 20: Lastly, cut off the excess band.

An iPad cover for $2.99.  Can’t beat that.

via  lilblueboo