Refurbish your old TOMS with Glitter and make them look like new!

A pair of old TOMS
Mod Podge
Super fine metallic glitter

How to make:

Mix together 3 parts Mod Podge to 1 part super fine glitter. Also add 1/2 part water.The super fine glitter is almost like a dust and applies easily without any clumping.

The water dilutes the Mod Podge so you can apply more coats of glitter without the shoes becoming too stiff.

The fine glitter mixture goes on super easy. The Mod Podge seals any holes. If the holes are really big try cutting a small swatch of thin fabric to cover the hole and glue it in place with Mod Podge. Then cover it with a glitter layer.

Apply about 2 coats and let them dry for a few hours.

To clean up the soles of the TOMS use if you have a Magic Eraser or a masking tape over them.

The finished glitter TOMS.

They’ll be just a little stiffer than the original pair but add in some baby powder to help get them on and they’ll stretch right back out the first time you wear them.

via lilblueboo