When in doubt, use Olive Oil! This might sound like a waste of time, but it’s proven that you can remove scratches from leather chairs or sofas with a simple solution from your own pantry. No other substances or industrial products. Not even DIY recipes. Simply olive oil!

At first, we were reluctant about using this. But the risks were significantly lower than the benefits. So we took a scratched sofa chair. Be warned though: we don’t handle deep scratches; those can be un-salvaged. But you can always apply regular olive oil on a damaged area. Take a cloth and really rub it in. A paper towel after this, to buff it off is also recommended. Hence, you are left with a oil-free and scratch-free leather sofa. Now that’s amazing! No toxic products, no complicated mixtures. Just your ordinary household oil to do the trick.

via goodshomedesign