This project is so cute and colorful that you will be eager to start working on it as soon as possible. Let’s say you just moved into a new apartment and don’t have lots of decoration items. In this case, this would be the best time to start making some handmade arts and crafts to display in your room.

Try this idea of a DIY felt tree that will contribute to the creation of a playful atmosphere. Just cut print out the template from the link and cut it out. You will need brown felt to make the tree and several other colors of felt for the leaves. Cut out the pieces of felt with a pair of scissors and sew the together the tree and its leaves. You can make the leaves brightly colored or more sober, depending on your mood or even the weather outside. You can even adapt the trees according to season and add some little felt details to it, such as animals or fruits.

via goodshomedesign