An amazing iPad cover with your favorite Instagram photos .  Wouldn’t this make a great holiday gift for family members? You can have custom iPad covers made for around $55 online but this one costs around $20 to make.

We used this blank “transfer ready” iPad case.

And printed out photos onto the transfer paper.

We used Powerpoint to resize them and arrange them. If you group all of the photos you can then double click to see what dimensions the photo collage is.

We laid out the blank iPad case onto the ironing board.

And placed the transfer paper with the photos face down.

We used a super hot iron to press the paper until the images were transferred to the case. (we pulled up a corner here and there to peek and see where more pressure and heat was needed)

Pulling the paper back, the images are transferred onto the cover.

Use a black permanent superfine fabric pen to touch up the edges and any areas where the transfer wasn’t perfect.

You don’t have to use Instagram photos….any photos or drawing would work.

via lilblueboo