DIY Button Bowl is made from plastic buttons carefully glued together over a hemispheric mold to form a bowl. The translucency of the plastic causes beautiful light projections over the surface the bowl is, extending the personality of the bowl to its surroundings. Because of the nature of the materials needed to make the bowl (buttons mainly), a meticulous hand process is needed too construct one of them.

Here’s what you’ll need:
A hemispheric mold (we used a curved Tupperware lid)
Release agent (we used aluminum foil)

Here’s what you’ll do:

Line your hemispheric mold with aluminum foil. You can use the inside or outside of your mold. I chose the inside and think that the weight of the buttons resting against each other made things easier.

Pour some glue onto a plate and dip the edge of your button into the glue. Dip them in two spots so they’d adhere to the buttons on either side of them.

Place your first button in the center and place remaining buttons on either side until you have completed your bowl. Complete one line at a time so that you could be sure they are straight.

Allow your bowl to dry completely. Leave to dry overnight.

Gently peel the aluminum foil from the bowl.

Tips for making a button bowl:

Play with different colors of buttons. Try creating fun patterns with a variety of different colors, including translucent buttons.

Try making differnt sizes of bowls. Small bowls are perfect for kids’ rooms, larger bowls can make a gorgeous centerpiece.

Use Mod Podge to create a smooth, shiny finish.

via designboom , sheknows