Handling a garden in a way you can maximize the surface used and the resulting output of plants, whilst still managing to bring out beauty in the décor is quite the challenge. The answer to this problem is to be found in a barrel. Actually, with the whole barrel.. We’ll show you a nice and creative solution that will let you have over 50 plants in a 2 by 2 foot area.

Here is what you will need to have:

• a standard 55 gallon plastic barrel
• a marker and plastic ruler
• drill and half an inch drill bit
• electric jigsaw
• a regular torch
• a 2by4 with an end cut in 45 degrees
• a piece of 6-inch diameter pipe
• small pieces of wood
• 2.5 inch long and 0.25 inch round bolts and washers

Garden Barrel Construction:

Create Pockets

Build Worm Tube

Attach Legs

Paint and Decorate

Attach Worm Tube, Fill with Soil and PLANT!

See all details in the link below.. 

via half-pinthomestead , goodshomedesign