Even if you’re planning a fancy Easter brunch for friends & family, it’s always a good idea to have a separate table for the little ones… not only is it fun for them to have a playful, kid-friendly setting of their own, but it also reduces the risk of spills & slips with the adult table’s fine china & linens!

Colorful scrapbook paper is one of my favorite tools for whipping up super cute AND budget-friendly place settings in no time. There are so many great papers to choose from and you can use them for everything from the place mats to the place cards!

You can also create cute place cards from plastic easter eggs sitting on top of a strip of looped scrapbook paper. (These work great for DIY Easter Egg holders too.) Use a sharpie to write each child’s name on the eggs, and fill them with candy so they double as an after-meal treat or take home party favor.

For extra detail, decorate the holders with 3-D stickers or other scrapbook embellishments and add some “grass” under the eggs using shredded green paper (as seen in image #1, above).

Time Saver: Make clean-up easy by skipping the linen napkins, glass drinkware, and regular utensils on the kids table and opting for disposables instead, especially when entertaining very little ones.

via  hwtm