If you’ve waited until the last minute to decorate your home for Easter or just don’t feel like you’ve got enough Easter decor cheer in your home — we’ve got you covered! These DIY Easter decor ideas are sweet and will instantly add some spring-like joy to your home or gatherings this weekend. They are all easy to do and lovely enough you’ll want to keep them up long after the holiday’s over!

An affordable plastic egg is transformed into a chic egg-shaped terrarium

 Shop from your own porch for this cute hanging plant project that pairs plants in simple planters with pastel-colored yarn to hang.

Whatever your opinion about scrap fabric garlands, you can’t deny that when made from spring-colored fabrics and patterns it’s one darn cheery hanging display for a wall.

Blacked-thumbed folks will appreciate this tiny hanging plant project that’s impossible to kill.

The always classic painted Mason jar serves a spring duty when combined with a sweet succulent.

Switch out these colors with perky spring pastels or neon colors and serve some fun Sunday cocktails on these cuties.

Not every spring project has to do with fabric or plants; this spray-painted frame made of upcycled jewelry is the perfect example.

Grab some cheap office supply stickers and prep your lungs for blowing up lots of balloons because these cute ones (especially when you use pastel ones) are an easy Easter decor idea anyone could make (and fast).

Have a Polaroid camera (or even just a regular camera and a printer)? Go outside and snap some sweet shots of spring in your ‘hood. Flowers, close-ups of grass, blue sky, leaves on a tree — and print out your most favorite colorful pics to hang in a garland on a wall. You’d literally be bringing spring inside!

via apartmenttherapy