We all know some pet owners can go a little overboard in pampering their furry friends, but these over-the-top pet beds take the cake. You might find yourself saying, “No way is this happening.” Or you might find yourself whipping out the old credit card. We won’t tell. Which one will you choose?

1. Ferrari Bed
Because man’s best friend totally deserves to sleep in a luxury vehicle.

2. Pet Bunk Bed
Have two dogs but short on space? No problem! That’s why bunk beds like the Metropolitan Pet Bunk Bed were invented. Just watch out for all those middle of the night bark sessions.

3. The iBed
Even cats prefer Macs… who knew?!

4. Pagoda Dog Bed
At long last a pagoda pet bed to complement all of the Far East-inspired accents in your living room.

5. Laps of Luxury Pet Bed
All pets love to cuddle on their owner’s laps, so why not make them feel just as loved while you’re away? And solely judging from the outfit, your Laps of Luxury pet bed self is still stuck in the 80s.

5. Cake Cat Bed Condo
Five slices for five cats? This really proves that cats can have their cake and eat it, too.

7. Croc Bed
The real question is how many people love Crocs this much that a pet bed was replicated from it?! (We’re thinking a lot.)

via ehow