Easter, can you believe it!? Maybe you can if you’ve been planning a family gathering ,  then this craft round-up is perfect! The following are some beautiful Easter decorations that you can make without spending a large amount of time (or money!).
Paper Napkin Decoupage Eggs

Haven’t decorated any Easter eggs yet, and don’t want the mess that comes with it? Use pretty paper napkins and egg whites! They look elegant and don’t take a whole lot of time or supplies to make! Hint: you can find some gorgeous paper napkins at the dollar store!

Easter Bunny Garland

This cute banner is made from patterned scrapbook paper and old book pages! A little cut-and-paste action and you’ve got a whimsical decoration!

Easter Bunny Cake

This adorable cake is actually quite simple to create, and looks delicious! The cake itself set in a pretty box with Easter grass and a couple painted eggs makes a gorgeous centerpiece on it’s own! Until dessert time, of course!

Fresh Fruit Slice Vase Fillers

These citrus fruit slice vase fillers look so gorgeous! They just echo the freshness of spring right back with the flowers, and their colors go beautifully with any spring bouquet. Use oranges, lemons,limes,grapefruit, any citrus will look amazing with fresh spring flowers!

Bunny Canvas DIY

And finally, a simple and cute DIY canvas you can set on a table or hang on a wall! A simple bunny silhouette with a cute little pom pom tail. It’s easy and quick, but adds festivity to your decor! This would look adorable sitting on a mantle!

Happy Easter

via  ashleypicanco