Birthdays… they come whether we want them to or not. Might as well enjoy them. We’ve gathered lots of fun gift ideas, recipes, decorations and more for you to try. Hope they help make your celebrations a little more special!

Birthday Subway Art

Funfetti Birthday Pancakes

Brown Paper Packages Gift

Birthday Drink Topper & Tag

Cupcakes in a Box

Birthday In A Jar

Happy One Year Smarter Card

Birthday Tracker Tags

Bubbly Birthday Classroom Gift


Birthday Badges

The Week Long Birthday Countdown

Half Birthday Class Gift

Birthday Treat Tag

Sprinkles Birthday Cookies

Hands Down Birthday Gift

Hip Hip Hooray Tags

Candy Bouquets

Hope Your Birthday is a “Latte” Fun

Birthday Printables

Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie

Have an Ah-mason Birthday

Birthday Calendars

Orange You Glad Gift

DIY Kids Birthday Cards

Make a Birthday Door Balloon Surprise

Birthday Morning Treats Printable

DIY Balloon Surprise

Hip Hip Hoo Ray Print

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