Instead of buying expensive art from store, you can try to make your own DIY wall art projects let walls look amazing.

1. Toy cars

2. Driftwood+Corals+Sea shells…

3. Doodles wall decor idea

4. Use of rippled plastic sheeting and white cupcake wrappers in two sizes.

5. DIY postcard wall art

6. Painted ceiling rosettes and hung together in a cluster.

7. Art with some old buttons and simple canvases

8. Create string art with embroidery floss or yarn.

9. Paint-Can Lid Stripe

10. Family Tree Wall decor

11. Wall art out of toilet paper rolls

12. Diy wall art from wood logs

13. Art wall decor out of hide cable

14. A quick and easy canvas bathroom wall art

15. License Plates

16. The Flowers on the wall are paper doilies with orange thumbtacks

17. 500 Colored Pencils Hanging On the Wall

18. Turn leftover wine corks into wall art

19. Abstract wall painting

20. Diy wall art from plates

21. Take a pair of scissors and make silhouettes, put them in frames

22. CD Wallpaper

23. Fabric Panels

24. Make your own doily wall art

25. Get some simple canvases and paint them in any color you want

26. These pieces were made with nothing more than a couple canvases and metal repair tape.

27. Use paint chips to create wall art

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