The wall is also an important part of your home life. The decorations and colors on the wall reveal the message of your personality and life style. So don’t let the wall be bare. Decorate the wall to brighten up your room. It is really a funny idea to show how you love the life! Take a look at the following great DIY ideas to decorate your wall. They are easy to complete and can be made from cheap materials but can help bring a wonderful and impressive wall in your home. These ideas will for sure wake your creativity! Come and enjoy!

1.DIY Washi tape wall decal.

2.Painting some stars above the bed or crib with glow in the dark.

3.Attach fabric to your wall with liquid starch.

4.DIY Gold Polka-Dot Wall – Metallic gold contact paper cut into two-inch circles.

5.Lovely Hearts Shaped Out of Musical Scores.

5.Lovely Hearts Shaped Out of Musical Scores.

7.DIY mountain bedroom mural.

8.Use foil tape to create a wallpaper-like design on a wall.

9.DIY tape picture frames.

10.Turn leftover wine corks into wall art.

11.Make Moss Graffiti

12.Give your room the honeycomb treatment.

13.Use some metallic gold contact paper to create a chic and trendy wall display.

14.Cool wall art.

15.Paper Toilet Core Recycling Into a Graphic DIY Wall Paper Project.

16.The paint roller that creates a wallpaper look.

17.Temporary Wallpaper Using Washi Tape

18.Superb Clouds and Hot Air Balloon Sculptures Enhancing the Wall of Your Child’s Bedroom

19.Grass Broom Textured Walls

20.Simple Ways to Decorate Your Room with Photos

21.DIY Butterflies Wall Decor

22.Organize art supplies into a rainbow display.

23.This DIY String Wall Art is Just Superb.

24.Use painters tape to make interesting patterns.

25.You can use an old laundry basket for polka dot walls.

26.Pallet Wall Art.

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