Incorporating unique pieces into your existing decor adds character and accentuates how creative you really are. These DIY ideas for nightstands made from anything but actual nightstands show how easy adding a little personality to your place is.

1. Use a vintage trunk.

2. Use an old drum. 

3. Use a painted barrel.

4. Use a hanging basket.

5. Use a floating shelf.

6. Use a bar cart.

7. Use a stack of books.

8. Use a wine barrel.

9. Use old crates.

10. Use a desk.

11. Use magazines.

12. Use an old ladder.

13. Make your own woodblock nightstand.

14. Use cinder blocks.

15. Upcycle a chair.

16. Use a wooden wall mount.

17. Upcycle a vintage suitcase.

18. Or, just stack some suitcases.

19. Use some stairs.

20. Use a swing.

 via diply