Bohemian living room features distinctive color scheme, with various styled furniture, soft texture, ethnic patterns and a blend of unexpected decorative motifs with an opulent and profound character. Bohemian living room captures a variety of styles, colors and patterns and reflects really opulent and dynamic energy, aesthetically looks bold and inspiring. Below you can check our showcase of 20 Inspiring Bohemian Living Room Designs that we have selected to inspire you. Enjoy!

Beautiful Bohemian Living Room

This Bohemian living room with slightly open floor plan and clean white walls with a distinctive gallery has a bold and fashionable appearance. The light brown sofa with geometrical patterns sets a specific warm and deep setting, breaking through the cold appearance of the white wall, the wicker rattan coffee table adds a breezy feel and adapts to the overall loose and easy going character of this Modern Bohemian Living Room.

Bohemian Living Room in the attic

You can easily notice how the almost snowy white wood paneled walls and valued open ceiling with skylights creates a super sleek appearance of this Bohemian living room positioned in the attic. The decorative blend of exotic, Japanese inspired artwork and accents with a splash of colorful pillows adds the Boho character in the place and provide it with whimsical and ecstatic ambiance. The reclaimed wood coffee table eases the dynamic colors and creates balanced and calm ambiance.

Boho Chic Living Room

The color scheme is applied and adapted in order to create both homey and modern ambiance in this ultra contemporary living room. The colorful striped area rug matches the suitcase shaped coffee table and caramel colored sofa with colorful patterned pillows. You can notice a specific boldness in the decorative scheme which is a proved that this Bohemian living room has been decorated with a utterly distinctive and profound sense of taste.

Bold Bohemian Living Room

We love the lightness of the natural materials and feminine colors that has been used in this bright living room. The combination of exposed brick walls and roof beams sets up a truly mature and bold appearance,matched with the loose decorative elements ethnic patterns and soft textures. The ecstatic and lively feel is attained by arranging the decorative elements in a meandering, free spirited order.

Bright Bohemian Living Room

The perky feel of this lively bohemian living room comes from the variety of light and ecstatic colors such as the floral red wallpaper, the soft texture such as the fur on the sofa, the glam elements such as the sparkling chandelier and the contemporary patterns such as the black and white striped area rug. Every element, color, texture and fabric in this living room has a different nature and story, but incorporated together they create a complete picture of an extravagant bohemian living room.

Brown Bohemian Living Room

This place gives a new meaning to the words bold and boho-modern. The chocolate scent on the walls covered with distinctive miniature artworks creates a pulsating modern, profound ambiance. A mixture of antique , deep brown cabinet, white glossy pop art table and shag wicker rattan armchair applied in a chocolate colored place sublimed with a shiny ceiling balls creates extremely opulent and sumptuous appearance

Classy Bohemian Living Room

Combination of a fruity,soft touch of burnt orange velvet sofa and armchair with the whimsical, silky decorative curtains that pulsate bright color and pattern and a feel of traditional signature with ethnic patterned rugs all placed in a bare concrete, warehouse alike interior has aided to the overall dramatic bohemian appearance of this living room.

Colorful Bohemian Living Room

The bold play with bright colors arranged in a perfect way is what makes this bright bohemian living room, beautiful and unique. The touches of greens and pinks in combination with splash of colorful cubes from the rug all soothed down by the natural sunlight that comes from the wide windows provide this place with charming, natural appearance.

Contemporary Bohemian Living Room

Purple tufted ottoman with golden legs placed on a dreamy white flokati area rug works as a striking complement and brings soft and sensual feel in the cold white interior, decorated with modern, distinctive art and glam accessories. The olive green velvet sectional stands out and creates modern style and ravishing appearance.

Cool Bohemian Living Room

A showcase of pop art pieces, displayed in a strictly symmetrical order on a plain white walls work as a terrific backdrop, combined with a deep beige sofa and patterned purple area rug with an accent wood coffee table provides this place with modern and bohemian feel.

Ecstatic Bohemian Living Room

This living room has an extremely imaginative and artistic feel, resembling to mid 50’s Paris apartment, due to the colorful accent armchair contrasting the leaf printed lime wallpaper and navy blue sofa. The retro oil on canvas artwork striking on the printed wallpaper create a distinctive and unique visual effect, declaring this place as a bold and bohemian.

Light Bohemian Living Room

This modern living room is rather eclectic than a typical Boho living room, since of the clean, straight lines and lack of warm color. But anyway the african tapestry wall decorating in combination with a mid century navy sofa, retro leather ottoman with a shag area rug all placed in a room with white plain walls create the bohemian appearance in this bright living room.

Lively Bohemian Living Room

The designer of this living room has obviously thought as a painter or an artist, because the disposition of color and patterns in this interior is arranged as a masterpiece oil on canvas. The blue statement walls act as a focal point and draws the attention to the orange and green floral sofa. The presence of blues and greens bring a perky and vibrant feel to the overall bright and cozy living room.

Modern Bohemian Living Room

A dark, gloomy wall is not everyone’s first choice for the living room, but obviously is was the first choice of the designer of this living room. The symmetrical displayed bright artworks slightly soothe the heaviness of the dark wall and act as a striking complement on the wall. The rustic wood chairs surely add bold and modern accent in the place.

Monochrome Bohemian Living Room

Monochrome white Bohemian Living room is a really rare case, since the bohemian style associates with a spectrum of bright vivid colors. Anyway the furniture arrangement in combination with the bold and artistic decorative elements provide this natural and airy living room with a bold bohemian character.

Moody Bohemian Living Room

We humbly choose this awe- inspiring, extremely bold and modern bohemian living room as our favorite amongst this list. The contrast effect that the emerald green velvet sofa gives to the dark, gloomy wallpaper with a noisy nature is just incredible. The oak wood floor soothes the dynamic and heaviness and provides balance in this magnificent living room.

Pastel Bohemian Living Room

If you dig the exotic Hindu culture then this living room surely inspires you. The distinctive pastel blue with a colorful and Indian motifs in combination with spectrum of patterned, colorful pillows provides this magnificent living room with lively and ecstatic appearance.

Quirky Bohemian Living Room

This living room is utterly gorgeous and bold, but we would go without those quirky parrot artworks that seems to be a sort of odd. Anyhow, the patterned decorative pillows set up an outstanding and ecstatic appearance of the living room breaking though the pale turquoise wall.

Unique Bohemian Living Room

We totally adore the gallery wall pulsating color and profound stories in this neutral creamy living room, decorated in a cool and bold way. Its hard to distinguish a specific highlight of this interior, since every details is special on its way and all contribute equally in providing this living room with distinctive bohemian appearance.

Vintage Bohemian Living Room

We love how every piece of furniture is in different color, each of them bright and dominant enough to provide this vintage boho living room with a statement.
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