Wooden pallets are extremely versatile and they can be used not just for decorative projects for the house but also for making actual pieces of furniture. For example, a wooden pallet is often enough for making a nice desk for your home office. Making your own desk comes with the great advantage that you can choose the exact size, shape and design and this way you’ll love the desk even more. Let’s take a look at some inspiring examples.

This pallet desk has a glass top and a very nice and clear design. It’s something that would look very nice in a modern home office.

It’s a large desk with plenty of storage space on the sides. The pallet wasn’t kept intact in this case but dismantled and the pieces used to make the top.

This desk is quite interesting because the base is a simple wooden table but the top is made from a pallet. As you can see, the top has built-in storage compartments, very useful in any work area.

This desk has built-in storage compartments and the actual pallet has become the top. It sits on four wooden legs which have been painted red to add some color to the whole decor.

But there’s also a different option: a desk without legs. The idea is to mount it on a wall and preferably to place it on a corner so there will be support from two sides. This suspended desk is made from a pallet.

There are ways to make an old wooden pallet look good and more modern when you transform it into something else. But if you want a rustic and worn look for your desk, then just leave the pallet as such without repainting it.

Here’s an example of a simple desk made from a wooden pallet, one which has a clean, simple and quite modern look. It has casters and this also makes it easy to move around in the room.

If you can find more than one pallet then you can make a larger desk, one that would be perfect for team work. This one looks amazing and it’s not even difficult to make.

This is a corner desk and it’s very obvious that it’s been made recycled pallets. The pallets have been stained and they now have a dark finish but they maintained their rustic charm.

A small desk with the top made from a wooden pallet. It has built-in storage compartments and the base is made of metal, with casters for more flexibility and versatility.

This small desk is suspended from the shelves found above it. If you want to avoid the visible chains, you can mount the desk on the wall and attach it on both sides. The small dimensions made it perfect for a corner.

If you decide to build yourself a pallet desk, first thoroughly clean the pallet and get rid of any paint if there is any. Then focus on attaching the legs and making it stable and durable.

This is a nice meeting table, perfect for an office. As you can see, it’s made of wooden pallets and it has a simple and rather rough-looking design which contrasts with the rest of the decor.

The same type of small desk with the top made of a pallet and with storage compartments underneath. The glass top gives it a more chic and modern look while also protecting the wood.

A pallet desk is a genius idea if you want to save some money on furniture for your kid’s room. Make a cute little pallet desk and paint it in attractive colors and it will be a hit.

 This is a more unusual pallet desk design. It’s made of several pallets stacked in layers so there are several levels on which you can be working. It’s interesting but not exactly space-efficient.

This pallet desk is great for several reasons. First of all, it has a simple design which makes it attractive. Also, it has plenty of storage underneath and the shelf is a wonderful feature.

Some of the designs we presented so far had built-in storage underneath the top but this one is a little different because the compartments are found on the sides. It also looks very sturdy and durable.

If you have pallets to spare, then don’t limit yourself to just one. You can use as many as you want and by not dismantling them but just using them as puzzle pieces, your job gets very easy.

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