This post is dedicated to reusing old wooden boats. Old boats can be used for a variety of wonderful projects, such as old boat doorway, boat sandbox, old boat outdoor kitchen, boat swing bed and so on. Continue reading you will find many more old boat creative.

Shelf with old boat or canoe.

Garden planter from old canoe.

Repurpose old Boat into decorative doorway.

Boat coffee table.

Repurposed boat into outdoor seating.

A raw bar made from an old oyster-fishing boat.

Boat Garden Gazebo.

Boat Stern Couch + Sail Cloth Pillows.

Canoe as Ceiling Decor.

DIY Boat Sandbox.

Rustic outdoor kitchen from an old boat.

Old boat made as a swing bed.

Repurposed boat for the kids.

Boat Roof Shed.

via  woohome