An Easter tradition for centuries, the Easter egg tree is an ideal centerpiece for the holiday table, and it’s fun for the whole family to make together. In this version, brightly colored eggs hang from a branch decorated with yarn. So if you haven’t made an Easter egg tree before, it’s time to branch out.

What You’ll Need

To make your own Easter egg tree, you will need a branch, a glass vase, floral foam, plastic easter eggs, various colors of yarn and yarn pom poms, washi tape, craft glue, and ribbon. I used a birch branch I found in my back yard. When selecting a branch, look for one that has just a few off shoots. It will be easier to decorate than a bushy branch.

Wrapping the Branch in Yarn

For this Easter egg tree, I wrapped random sections of the branch in colorful yarn. Start by applying some craft glue to a small section of the branch.

Making the Yarn Stripes

Wind a piece of yarn around the branch where you’ve applied the glue. Add extra glue as needed. When you get to the end of the section, place an extra dab of glue on the tip of the yarn and hold it down until it sets.

Alternating Stripes

Make yarn stripes of different colors, and place them randomly around the branch. Vary the length of the stripes as well. The yarn stripes give the tree a fun, homespun quality.

Set the Branch in a Vase

Place a piece of floral foam in a vase, and then insert the branch in the floral foam. If it wobbles a little, don’t worry about it. We will steady it later.

Making a Cover for Your Vase

Cut a sheet of paper that will cover the vase. Then apply strips of washi tape to the paper so the stripes will run vertically. Choose several designs of washi tape for fun variety.

Wrap the Vase

Wrap the paper around your vase, gluing the ends of the paper together to secure them. Stuff some newspaper in the vase to steady the branch, and then top the vase with some yarn pom poms.

Glue Pom Poms to the Branch

For a whimsical complement to the yarn stripes, glue some yarn pom poms at various points on the branch. They not only add vibrant color, but provide a “hook” to hang the Easter eggs.

Tie Ribbon around the Plastic Eggs

Plastic eggs typically have two holes at the top. Split the plastic egg apart, and use these holes to tie a bow and hanging loop on the egg.

Decorate the Egg with Washi Tape

Snap the plastic egg back together. Using the same washi tape that you used on the vase cover, wrap it around the middle at the seam of the plastic egg. Because the egg is curved, the tape will not lie perfectly flat. That’s all right. Just smooth it out as much as you can with your fingers.

Hang the Eggs

Hang the decorated eggs from the pom poms. You don’t need too many to make an impact. All the brightly colored elements work together to create a charming Easter decoration that will be cherished for years to come.

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