This strawberry pallet planter is such a great idea! Strawberry plants need room to grow and spread out individually otherwise they will smother one another. This strawberry pallet planter is a fantastic design, perfect for encouraging lots of fruit!

This strawberry pallet planter is unique because it stands up by itself and doesn’t need to lean on a wall.

Here’s what you’ll need to make it:

  • A pallet with 6, 9, or 12 staves
  • A hand-saw or jigsaw
  • Electric drill or hammer
  • Two sizes of screws and nails – approx. lengths 4 cm (1-1/2″) and 8cm (3″)
  • Heavy duty chisel/wedge and iron mallet (optional)
  • Non-toxic paint and paintbrush (optional)
Be sure to take some care in selecting a pallet for use. Because you are using this pallet to grow edible food you’ll want to make sure it’s heat treated and not chemically treated. Look for “HT” stamped into the pallet.

Now cut the pallet into 3 equal sized pieces. This is why you want to use a pallet with either 6, 9 or 12 staves. Be sure to saw in the middle of your staves ex. exactly between the third and fourth planks.

Now that your pallet has been sliced into 3 equal pieces you’ll want to remove the excess wood. Trim the wood jutting from the tops of the square blocks. Also pull the staves and square blocks off of what will become the bottom, centre piece of the strawberry pallet planter. Remove any nails that are sticking up.

Attach the 2 side pieces of pallet to the bottom part of the pallet. Drill or nail from the outside of the side pieces into the large wooden blocks.

Separate the staves from the blocks on the excess wood previously trimmed. Use these staves to create a wall between the 2 side planks. Drill or nail to secure. Attach the 4 wooden blocks to the bottom to create feet for your strawberry pallet planter. These feet look great and allow for drainage on your planter.

If you’d like you can now paint or seal your strawberry pallet planter. Then line the bottom of the planter with chicken wire and landscaping fabric.

Working from the bottom up plant your strawberry plants. Add a layer of straw and then soil and compost. Repeat the process for the next set of slots. Be sure to plant the strawberries at least 35cm (14 “) apart so that they do not smother one another.

Once you’re done planting step back and admire your new strawberry pallet planter!

via upcyclethat