Basically, store them in your garage for a few years, set them against the wall in different rooms hoping for some inspiration for another few years and finally make them a picture frame.

Hang those puppies up on a big ole wall that really should already *have* a window and voila, instant brag board.

You could even add wood letters down the middle so’s folks don’t think you just stole faces.I stained mine ‘special walnut’ or some such, and didn’t even sand ’em.Used command hooks to adhere to the wall.

Luxuriate in the chippy goodness with me…

Here’s how I attached the pictures to the back of the glass.There’s prolly some better way, but this is workin’ for me.Get those clear picture corners and put them on backwards so the sticky side goes toward the window.You prolly knew that.

Here’s a somewhat awkward shot of the one taken of hubs and I.I think I look tired.
Wait. I am tired.Which is why I just snapped this picture from my seated position in the first place.

So there ya go.  What to do with old windows.Have a butt-load of kids and get a big black dog to fill the panes,then show ’em off. 

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