Wine crates are supposed to be durable and well constructed and this allows them to be reused but also repurposed. There are numerous ways in which wine crates can be upcycled around the house. Every single room could benefit from such a project. We’ll take them one by one to analyze a few of the options.  

The entryway.

One way to repurpose wine crates when decorating and furnishing your entryway is by converting them into storage for shoes and accessories. You can paint each crate an attractive color, mount them all on a wall and use them as box shelves.

Or you can turn them into storage for shoes. All you have to do is place them sideways against the wall and secure them carefully. Or they can simply be stacked.

Here’s another simple example of repurposed wine crates. Here they were used in a mudroom but the idea is similar to what we’ve just presented.

Use a wine crate, some copper piping, tube straps, T straps and adhesive to make a console table perfect for the entryway or hallway. You can use it as an accent piece and display a vase on it.

The living room.

In the living room, you can use four wine crates to built a beautiful coffee table. It’s really simple actually. You can either add four small feet or castors or leave the table like that. The space at the center can be used as a planter orifice.

A bunch of wine crates can be transformed into an elaborate storage unit for one of the wall or a corner in the living room. You simply have to mix and match them like pieces of a puzzle until you get the desired form and design.

Add castors to the wine crates and turn them into rolling storage boxes. You can also label them. They’ll usually fit nicely under the coffee table.

Wine crates are usually sturdy enough to be repurposed as ottomans. A great thing about this idea is that the ottoman will also have built-in storage underneath.

The bedroom. 

A few wine crates can become storage cubbies which you can hide under the bed. You can have the bed frame custom made to accommodate the crates. It will look rustic and unique.

You can also add handles to the crates and castors and they can become mobile storage containers for extra pillows and blankets in the bedroom.

The bathroom.

Two wine crates should be enough to make a wall-mounted cabinet for the bathroom. It will be pretty great for storing toilet paper, shampoos and other necessities.

The home office.

Obviously, the best way to repurpose wine crates in a home office is by turning them into storage for books, desk accessories and other similar things. You can either have the crates mounted on the wall or stacked on the floor.

Or simply stack four wine crates one on top of the other like this, secure them together and you’ll create a wonderful bookcase for your home office.

And for all the things on your desk that don’t fit in a dingle category, you can make a wine crate storage box which you can paint and customize however you want. It can even have castors so you can roll it away.

The nursery.

Take three wine crates and some angle slots like the ones typically used for industrial shelving in garages and you can build a great storage unit for the nursery in which you can put all the supplies such as diapers, lotions, napkins, etc.

The kitchen.

Make a mobile storage container for the kitchen using a wine crate and castors. Paint it an attractive color and use it to organize and store your kitchen utensils, bottles, spices and other things that usually take up space on the counter.

Turn wine crates into box shelving for the kitchen wall and you can display and store all sorts of things in them, from spices to utensils, small appliances and planters or cookbooks.

A simpler way of displaying the crates on the wall is with a screw or a small hook and some thread or rope.

Display and décor

Wine crates can also be repurposed as rustic or vintage ornaments for a wedding. For example, turn them into planters or centerpieces for the tables or simply use them as such.

And if you don’t mind taking apart the crates, you can use pieces to create an interesting wall display for one of the rooms.

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