I make some Easter baskets for my two youngest children using some old newspapers I picked up at the local shop for a small donation towards their Relay for Life team fundraiser.

Supplies for one basket:

  • 16 newspaper pages
  • stapler
  • papier mache paste: 1 cup flour + 2 cups of water in a saucepan. Heat, stirring constantly, until thickened. Cool.
  • newspaper strips
  • white vinyl matt paint
  • acrylic paints, assorted colors
  • scrap fabric
  • embellishments

Fold newspaper into required size.

Weave base together. I used 6 x 6 strips.

Weave sides together

Staple top together and trim with scissors to required size.

Add a handle made with two pieces of newspaper entwined around each other. Staple in place.

The eldest appeared in this issue of the local newspaper, so he is woven into a basket too!

Add top edging of folded newspaper. Basket is now ready for several layers of papier mache.

After the papier mache layers are dried, paint with white matte vinyl wallpaint

Ready to decorate.

Let the children paint the baskets with acrylic poster paints. This took extraordinary willpower on my part to not interfere and ‘show’ them how to do it right! Embellish as they wish.

Line with fabric – I cheated and used double sided tape and fabric glue.

via  elizabethskitchendiary