Would like to have this handmade quilt on your bed? It is not difficult to make it. Each square is sewn by machine on three sides, then a square of batting is inserted, and the fourth side is hand-sewn to the next piece, closing that fourth side in the process. So the blocks are kind of like individual pillows sewn together to make a quilt.


  • Fabric for top squares (can be orderly or scrappy)
  • Fabric for back (will not be visible in the finished quilt)
  • Embroidery floss & needlepoint needle
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • Double fold bias tape
  • Thread


Cut front and back fabric pieces to 3.5 x 3.75 inches to make 3-inch squares.

Sew the two long sides and one short side by machine and clip the corners. Turn the pocket right-side out and use a handy crochet hook to help with the corners. Iron at this point for a nice, crisp pocket.

Fold the open edges into the pocket to make the pocket 3 inches square, and press the folded edges. If you have a hard time folding over just 1/4 inch of fabric, add another little bit to that end to make the folding easier.

Put fiberfill to each pocket.Add more if you want more puffier pockets. Make sure to break apart the fiberfill a bit, so you can push it into the corners of the pocket.

Next comes the hand-sewing part of the process. Whipstitch the pocket closed.

Whipstitch each pocket to its adjoining pocket on the quilt.

Use plain white or off-white fabrics for the back. It shows some of the non-prettiness of hand stitching, but so it goes.

Pin bias tape around the quilt.Sew binding to the quilt with matching thread, using a wide zigzag setting and short stitch length.

It’s really perfect for winding down before bed and keeping hands busy while watching TV.

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