Here is a super quick and easy Easter craft the kids can make for a festive center piece on your family’s table, and all you will need to make one of your own is a paper lunch bag, some stickers, and string! This is a great way to recycle used paper gift bags too. It’s a mess free project and you can sneak in some fine motor skill practice for the kids too!

First, draw some lines on a paper bag as shown for your child to use as a guide when cutting. (If your child is too young to do this, you can do this part for him.)

Next, invite your child to open the bag up…

and while holding the bottom of the bag in place, begin twisting it to form the tree’s trunk.

Continue twisting in the same direction up through the cut strips of paper to form branches of the tree! Emily thought this was great fun, and it was very effective fine motor skill practice too!

To make the ornaments, we used Easter egg foam stickers and sandwiched a piece of string in between as shown.

Time to decorate your tree! These are quite addicting to make, and you may want to make one for every season!

Fun, festive, and very frugal!! Have fun!!
via innerchildfun