How do you like these Easter carrot treats? Would you believe me if I told you they are filled with jelly beans? I knew that would catch your attention. We made these no bake Easter carrots with surprise inside from sugar cones,  candy melts, and green licorice. Oh and I can’t forget the candy!


  • Sugar Cones (the cone that is shaped like an upside down teepee)
  • Orange Candy Melts
  • Chefmaster Liquid Candy Color(Orange 4207)
  • Green Licorice
  • Jelly Beans or Skittles
  • Parchment Paper
  • Cooling Rack
  • Pipping Bag or Ziploc Bag
  • Tall Cylinder Glass Container
  • Optional: clear cellophane cone treat bags, ribbon and free printable (below)


1. Melt the chocolate candy melts in a glass container in the microwave. Put them in for 30 seconds (50% power) stir, another 30 seconds (50% power) stir again. Repeat this until fully melted. We added a teaspoon of shortening to thin the chocolate.

2. We also added a few drops of orange Cefmaster Liquid Candy Color to turn the peachy orange into a true orange.

TIP: This is a special liquid candy color especially made for candy melts. Do not use regular food coloring – it will ruin the candy melts.

3. There are two ways to cover the cone with chocolate. The first way we tried was putting the melted chocolate candy in a tall glass and dipping the tip of the cone first.

4. Put the cone in the fridge to let the chocolate candy set up and then dip the rest of the cone all the way to cover it completely. Make sure to hold over the container to let the excess drip off. (The drawback to this method is the cone gets a bunch of chocolate inside).

5. The second method is placing parchment paper under a cooling rack and putting the cones face down on the racks. Pour the melted chocolate candy over the cone so it is even. (With this method the inside does not get coated with chocolate). Let the excess chocolate that has puddled onto the parchment harden and then peel off and re-melt.

6. Let the cones dry completely, the quickest way to do that is placing them on a cookie tray covered in parchment in the fridge.

7. Once they are dry place the cones in a cup to hold them up. Pour as many jelly beans/Skittles that can fit in there. We used both skittles and jelly beans.

8. Now fill the pipping bag (ziplock bag) with the melted chocolate candy. Snip the corner of the bag with scissors.  Use the bag just like you would icing a cupcake. But instead you are using “chocolate candy melts” as icing to cover the opening of the cone like a cupcake.

9. Let the chocolate candy set up a little bit and stick the green licorice in the top so that when the chocolate candy hardens it will stick.

10. To make the licorice look leafy we cut the licorice in the strips, but not all the way through so they would still be connected when they needed to be put in the chocolate candy.

We thought these would be a great Easter party favor and the best part is it is all edible! Surprise your kids with goodies inside. Who knew a carrot could be so scrumptious! We placed the carrot inside a clear cellophane cone treat bag.The bunny tag is available below. Use a 2 inch circle punch to cut out and attach to treat bag with ribbon.

via designdazzle