Each year I like to add a little something new to my Easter decor.  This year I have  noticed some fun moss covered eggs on etsy. Moss Covered Eggs Decor are sophisticated Easter decor and easy to make with this great tutorial. So I decided I could make my own and I headed to the craft store. Perfect to display year after year!

I picked up some Styrofoam shaped eggs.  I got three different sizes – 3″  5″  and 8″.  I also bought a bag of green moss and some quick drying glue.

It is a pretty simple process – just a little messy!  The first step is to coat your styrofoam with glue.  Only put glue on half of the egg to start with so you have someplace without glue to hold onto!  You can brush the glue on or just use your finger like I did.

Next you press the moss onto the egg.  Try to make sure none of the white sytrofoam is showing.

After you have the first half covered, add glue to the bottom half and add the moss there.  Use your hands to press the moss into the egg.  You can also give it a bit of a hair cut and trim off any long pieces of moss.

After it is dry you are ready to decorate with them.  You can fill a basket with them or I put mine into some of my milk glass collection.

It is an inexpensive and easy way to dress up your Easter decor quickly.

via yourhomebasedmom