A cute and modern Easter craft, jute wrapped eggs are a twist on the traditional dyed eggs and can decorate your home well the Easter season. And there may even be a golden wrapped egg in there too!


  • Jute – Some people say you can find this at the dollar store, but you can get it at a craft or home improvement store too.
  • Plastic eggs – I got mine at the thrift store for only $1.00. Now is a perfect time of year to find spring craft materials.
  • Glue gun and glue sticks


First, you’ll hot glue the two sides of the eggs together, assuming you have the plastic ones that come in two parts. This is to keep the egg together so after you’ve done all that work to wrap it, it doesn’t break open. Put a bead of glue around the one edge, then close the two sides together.

After that, all you have to do is wrap the egg with the jute. Getting started on this is the hardest part, but after that, it’s super easy.

Put a circle of hot glue on the one end of the egg, about the size of a quarter. Then, put an end of the jute on the egg and start to wrap it in a circle. Press down lightly with the end of a pencil so you don’t get burned.

Soon you’ll have a bigger circle and you are on your way.

Some people might wonder if it is necessary to paint the eggs first so the color doesn’t show through the jute, but as you can see, if you wrap it tightly, that won’t be a problem at all.

Then, continue to wrap the egg, putting down a line of glue in a circle, then placing the jute on top of it. Make your way around the egg, and finish off the other end just like you did at the beginning. Soon you’ll have plenty of jute wrapped eggs to fill a springtime basket.

I also had this fun gold ribbon that I wanted to use, so I make two little golden eggs with it. It would be fun to try this with colored yard, or other string-type materials too. The jute itself will come in different thicknesses, so you can definitely get some interesting looks with it.

Here is how my eggs ended up. I love the natural texture and color. I’m a neutral-loving decorator, so these will be perfect in any room of the house.

To display them, you can use a bowl, a candle stick or even a small platter and cloche like I did. These two pieces were from the thrift store. See! Fresh spring decorating is affordable!

via prettyhandygirl