Not sure what to do with your old Barry Manilow record? Here how to transform unwanted vinyl into something quirky yet useful!!!

How long will it take?

Five to 10 minutes per bowl.

What you need

A record
A tall mug or heatproof drinking glass (around 15cm high)
An oven

What to do

1. Find a record (one you don’t mind not listening to again – trust me, it just doesn’t work).

2. Pre-heat your oven to 100-120°C.

3. Place the mug, upside-down, in the center of the oven, making sure it is stable.

4. Place the record on the mug, so the label is the only part touching the base of the mug. Remember that the side you have facing downwards (touching the mug) is the side you want shown on the inside of your bowl.

5. Watch very closely, and after a few minutes you’ll see the record start to warp and then collapse. At this point you can take it out – but be careful not to burn yourself as they can be quite hot!

6. For the next 10 seconds or so before it starts to harden, the record is malleable and you can quickly sculpt it into whatever shape you want. Try hand-moulding it or tightly packing it into another bowl or interestingly shaped container. Once you find a mould you are happy with you can even use that one to make future record bowls, and the process becomes even quicker.

NB: If you’re not happy with your shape once the record has hardened, you can always pop it back in the oven and start again.

via theguardian