Here’s a wreath for the Easter season that is bursting with spring colors and cheer. Speckled pastel eggs adorn a rustic wreath, and a pair of birds perched on a nest welcome anyone who comes to your front door. With a wreath this festive, the Easter Bunny will definitely know he’s at the right place.

What You’ll Need

Most of the materials you will need to make this wreath can be found in the floral supply section of your local crafts store: a grapevine wreath, Spanish moss, a 4-inch twig bird’s nest, raffia ribbon, jute ribbon, and two artificial birds. You will also need about 36 plastic eggs, spray paint, and brown acrylic paint.

Spray Paint the Plastic Eggs

Plastic eggs tend to look shiny and fake, so they need to be spray painted. Choose a spray paint in two or three soft pastel colors with a matte or satin finish. I chose a robin’s egg blue, dusty pink, and lemon yellow. Separate the two halves of the plastic eggs so they sit upright on your work surface, and paint them according to the label instructions.

Add the Speckles
To make the eggs look even more realistic, give them a speckled finish. Dip a skewer or thin stick in some brown acrylic paint and dot the surface of the eggs with the stick. Varying the amount of paint on the stick will help create specks of different sizes. The more irregular the spotting, the more natural it will look.

Hide the Seams

Snap the two halves of the eggs back together. Where the two halves meet, the seam takes away from the realistic look, so it needs to be hidden. To hide the seam, glue a piece of narrow ribbon around the middle of each egg. I chose a jute ribbon for its rustic look, but you can use a brightly colored ribbon if you prefer.

Attach Moss to the Wreath

The twisting vines in the grapevine wreath are not only beautiful, they make it easy to attach moss to it. Just place Spanish moss around the perimeter of the wreath, tucking the moss in between vines to hold it in place. Spanish moss is actually used by birds as nesting material, so it is perfect for this wreath.

Add a Nest

Thread some florist wire through openings in the nest and wrap it around the wreath, twisting the wire securely in the back. Place some Spanish moss in the nest, and secure it to the nest with additional wire. Perch some artificial birds on the edge of the nest. Artificial birds usually come with an attached wire that you can use to tie to the nest.

Glue the Eggs to the Wreath

Using a hot glue gun, attach the eggs to the vines of the wreath. Arrange the eggs so that they are going in the same direction around the wreath, to create a more orderly composition. You’ll see that all my eggs are arranged counter-clockwise. To help the eggs stay more secure, you can also add a drop of hot glue at the contact point where the eggs touch.

Finish with Some Raffia

Wind some raffia ribbon loosely around the wreath. The raffia mimics the look of the grapevines, so it appears that the vines are wrapping around the eggs.

Spring’s at the Door

Hang the wreath on your front door, and let the world know you’re ready for spring. It’s sure to put anyone who comes to your door in a good mood – so the birds won’t be the only ones who’ll be singing.

via  ehow