It felt GREAT to finally sit down and relax….but MAN….my “dogs were yappin’!”  (MY FEET HURT!)  I knew I still had some computer work ahead of me so I decided that I would mix up some of this foot soak and soak my feet while I worked.

Here is all I did:

I took a big 1/2 gallon Mason jar dumped in 1 cup of Epsom Salt, 1 cup of Sea Salt, 2 cups of Baking Soda, and several drops of Lavender essential oil…put the top on and shook it up!  I then took 1/4 cup of the mixture…added it to a plastic dish pan filled with the hottest water I thought my feet could stand…and proceeded to soak my tired, aching feet!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………what a pleasant experience and what a wonderful way to end a particularly stressful day.

This is actually a “recipe” for a Foot DETOX so I have included the instructions for use.

The ions in the salt work as magnets to draw toxins through the skin of your feet out of your body into the foot soak water.

After the thirty minutes are up, dry feet then wash with warm soapy water, dry again then brush the bottoms of feet with a natural fiber foot brush. Only use 100% aloe vera after you are finished. Lotions with additives will leech impurities back into your system after a foot detox.

This detox should be done daily for one week. Then twice a week for 30 days. Then once a week for regular maintenance.

A couple of GREAT additions below:

  • Try putting some peppermint, basil and rosemary essential oils in as well. The peppermint is cooling, the basil is warming and the rosemary is anti-viral/anti-fungal!
  • Add marbles into your container and roll your feet over them for a massage. Works great!

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